Box of Haviland Thin Mints

The History of Haviland

Deran S. Hintlian, founder of the Deran Confectionery Company, came to the United States from Armenia at the age of 17. He soon went to work in his uncle’s candy factory and then sold candy on the streets. A little later, he was able to become a candy-jobber, selling the product to retailers.

His next big step, in 1929, was the acquisition of the Windsor Confectionery Company in Union Square, Somerville, Massachusetts. As the firm continued to grow through the acquisition of other candy makers, in 1961, Deran purchased the Miller and Hollis Corporation, the manufacturer of Haviland® Chocolate.

In 1970, after significant growth with the Haviland® Brand of real chocolate products leading the way, Deran was sold to Borden, the fifth largest food concern in the world at the time.

NECCO® took over the Haviland® brand in 1994 and continues to produce the delectable chocolates from scratch right here in Revere, Massachusetts today.